About FLO

FLO operates a comprehensive electric vehicle charging network for drivers to plug in wherever they are – at home, at work or on the go. For nearly a decade, the FLO Family of Companies has manufactured high-quality durable charging stations and developed network management software for all markets – residential, commercial and public infrastructure. We are dedicated to supporting the movement toward electric mobility, and have extensive experience helping utilities, municipalities, businesses and employers deploy charging projects of all sizes. Our commitment to quality and reliability is what makes our charging solutions a preferred choice and the largest EV charging network in Canada.


Our History

FLO’s history began in 2009 when our parent company AddEnergie was founded in Quebec City, Canada.

As a master’s student in power electronics, President and CEO Louis Tremblay’s passion for electric mobility fueled his entrepreneurial spirit to start a business. He gathered a savvy team of experts who shared his dedication to become catalysts for electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

AddEnergie began developing smart charging solutions, and quickly became known for its quality and reliability. The company soon became the official infrastructure provider and operator for some of Canada’s largest EV charging networks and launched its own subsidiary company and network – FLO.

Seeing the importance of home charging for EV drivers, the company transferred its commercial expertise and developed a dedicated product for residential use. The FLO Home charging station was launched in 2016 with the same craftsmanship and durability of our line of commercial products.

Today, FLO covers all market segments to serve EV drivers wherever they are – at home, at work and on the go – and is now expanding operations in the United States.